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When in Rome - Things to see on your Tour

1. Skip the Line Things to do in Rome - Skip the line to tour the Coliseum

2. Tour the Vatican and Skip the Line - this option provides an opportunity to get tickets before they sell out as well as get a private tour

This one below includes breakfast

3. Vespa Night Tour With Pickup and Drop off - check out a vintage drive around town to get a tour of the city at night from locals!

4. St. Peter Basilica Tour with Dome Climb -

5. Rome Street Food Tour-

6. Catacombs in Rome -

7. Admission Ticket to Borghese Gallery- This company allows for you to prepay for your ticket and If you book through this link the do sell out well in advance and some of the reviews on this say that you can find them cheaper, I have not seen this. If you have a hard time getting in contact with the vendor I can call Viator if there is an issue with the communication. This Gallery is STILL a must see

8. Group Wine Tasting Tour - this includes lunch and the tour and lasts for 8 full hours so although it is a little bit more on the costly side, you do get a full day experience for this option

This was created specifically for a group that is having their wedding in Sorrento and may need things to do after Wedding week nearby




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