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Top Holiday Party Games

As we approach the holiday season, some of the most fun games that families and friends play during the season can be found in this blog and will bring a little bit more excitement to your holiday party!

  1. White Elephant or Dirty Santa- Ahh, the Christmas favorite! When everyone brings a gift and you get three steals on an event. Be sure to include this in your holiday party! It's fun and can work with every party budget. Be sure that everyone gets an opportunity to know what budgets they are working with before they pick out gifts for the party.

  2. Reindeer Game- This one is so fun for all of your yatzee lovers! You write reindeer on the top of your paper and come up with as many words as possible that you can while the timer is ticking down for 1 minute! This is fun and simple even if you haven't gotten a game from the store or prepared much.

  3. Christmas Bingo- This is super easy because you can do a printable online and make it an exciting game that you can do as an interactive for all of your guests.

  4. Christmas Safari- This one is super fun because it is a scavenger hunt as well as a race for the people in your party group to get together and have a lot of fun together.

  5. Pin the Tree- This one is amazing because you can essentially decorate an entire joke tree together with funny photos of yourself or others and attach them to ornaments on the tree to have a funny tree for your event. Or just do ornaments and see how your guests do with just watching them try to find the tree.

Hope you all enjoyed this and it gave you some fun holiday event ideas to have a simple yet memorable Christmas or Holiday Party!


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