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Top 3 Wedding Planning Stressors

Hey there! I've had a lot of people recently ask what couples tend to stress out about during wedding planning and I have 3 really good ones here listed below that will help you realize - YOU ARE NOT ALONE.



Families and In-Laws

If you fall under this category I am sorry to be the bear of bad news but this is the time for you to be supportive as possible to the bride and groom to be. I have seen families be amazingly supportive and then the sister in law shows up in a white dress 🙈 don't be that person. One day should not dictate your entire relationship with someone. Trust me - it's a big day make it important to the people who are hosting it! There is another hidden issue with this - sometimes families feel the need to extend an invite to different friends of theirs which may seem sweet, but it isn't when every guest will cost you another $150 for your caterer and venue. So please - if you are a bride or groom- set the boundaries early. If you are a family member just be a guest and relax.




This one is a little worrisome for some couples. A lot of people dream of having a beautiful wedding with lavish florals and 200 people with mixed martini's and don't think twice about what things cost until they look into hiring a wedding planner and they see that their dream wedding actually would cost $200,000. Sometimes couples can have disagreements about what is important and what is not, and if someone else is paying the cost then that makes it harder too because they will probably be dictating the experience of the entire wedding. The advice that I have for this is to find a wedding planner ASAP - tell them your headcount, location, your desired wedding type(what kind of decor you want), meal type and then they will be able to assess this quickly for you.




Do yourself a favor and just hire a day of coordinator to manage the timeline. It will help you be on track more than your friends and family could ever be. Between making sure the DJ remembers everything, the bartender doesn't take a break from serving but still gets a meal, making sure you get the right lighting for your photos, making sure that you get the right playlist if something messes up with the DJ.

I have seen this multiple times unfortunately with only day of planning - but it can be fixed when someone is coordinating- it cannot be fixed if you are trying to talk to all your guests AND manage the wedding. It's just impossible.

Hope this helps you consider what is important for your big day! Don't forget to use a great photographer for your big day to capture the sweet moments.

🖤 Victoria

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