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Things To Do The Week Of Your Wedding

By: Victoria Wilegus

Events Made Simple

Things to do the week of your wedding


Hey there! Thanks for stopping by on our blog today. If you are reading this you are probably having a wedding this week or next! First off let's talk about how far you have come in the planning process. WOW! How amazing that you created this fun experience for all of these people you invited to share your love with this week. I am incredibly for you to experience this shared love with your soon to be spouse. So before you read any of this - take some time and recognize the amount of work you have done to get to this phase.

Preparing for a wedding can not only be fun, exciting, and nerve racking - it can be stressful especially when you are working with a super strict budget and you may not be able to have as much time off or have your venue for longer than 10 hours. I am here to let you know that THIS is YOUR day and it's time to focus on your few last minute things so you can enjoy the days prior.

Here are 10 things you need to do the week of your wedding

  1. Get Your Nails Done - remember that the RINGS are going to be a big deal for your pictures. This is the time to splurge a little bit on yourself and you need to make sure that the hands look amazing.

  2. Get Your Rings Cleaned or Clean Them Yourself- This is something to forget but the photos will be zoomed in on the rings so keep this in mind so you can be proud of what you are looking back on.

  3. Pack for your Honeymoon- Remember that once your family gets into town there will be very little free time so you need to make sure that you pack

  4. Make sure you have A Snack Runner for the day of or Uber Eats Drop off- Most people the day of their wedding completely forget to eat until Dinner, and then often if the couple doesn't do a private wedding dinner the couple ends up getting stuck talking to everyone else instead of eating their meal - YOU NEED TO EAT!!

  5. Make Sure You have the Boutonniere Pins - This is something that is super easy to forget if you are making your own boutonnieres remember you will need to have a pin to be able to keep them on the groom and groomsmen

  6. Make Sure you Pack an Emergency Kit - Your emergency kit will help you with things that may break during the day, eyelashes that could come off if you didn't get them done, extra zipties, extra drink openers, ect.

  7. Make sure you have gifts for your bridal party- This is 1000% optional however if you are wanting to give gifts make sure you have them ready the night of the rehearsal

  8. Make sure you or your coordinator has called or reached out to all vendors- I know not everyone gets a wedding planner but make sure that you give all of your contacts to the wedding coordinator to manage your day of! If you are working with us then we call about 2 weeks prior.

  9. Go over any last minute music changes - sometimes it is really easy to think about wanting a different music and it's totally okay to change some things the week of just make sure that you have someone to relay it to the DJ so they know what to look at.

  10. Make Sure That You Have a Tear Down Plan - Everyone thinks about how everything is getting there but it is really easy to make sure that you have someone who is going to be a loader or someone that we can load the car up with. Keep in mind that this is your day so you want to make sure this is planned prior to the days of. Most people have a family member or a friend that does this for them.

  11. Try on Your Dress a couple days prior- I know I know, you have tried on the dress plenty of times, just try it on one last time to double check that you don't need a last minute alteration. There are lots of seamstresses that can come on site to help if you need it.

  12. Have Fun- Remember Once you get to the Rehearsal Dinner this is your time to relax and have fun! You are the BRIDE!! (or groom if you are reading this)

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