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Your Complete Jamaican Honeymoon Excursions List

by Victoria Wilegus Founder of Events Made Simple

Honeymoon season is here! It's so difficult to decide on a destination - ESPECIALLY when you are torn between enjoying the beaches and exploring the city! I know sometimes I want to enjoy both, but take it from me you can have an excellent experience and relax at the same time.

Tips for Your Stay

Make sure that you get the chance to stay at an amazing resort and have the most all inclusive experience YOU WONT FORGET IT!

Feel free to reach out to us on Facebook and connect with us to book your stay at a hotel that meets all of your needs! I promise we are not going to spam you with a whole bunch of useless information.


Things To Consider For your Vacation.

1. Getting a private airport transfer - trust me you will thank me later just plan on doing this BEFORE you leave

** If you want to add a lunch into your order pick from below

2. A Montego Bay Photographer- this kind of experience is perfect for the person who wants some photos to enjoy looking back at during the next year around when their anniversary day comes around. Don't miss out on booking someone who is qualified to take your photos!

3. ATV Tour with a Lunch Stop - Have you ever ridden an ATV through the jungle? Talk about a fun experience, this type of trip would definitely need a drink afterwards

4. Romantic Waterfall Tour in Jamaica- I think this has got to easily be one of the tops for my list. Talk about beauty and adventure to a place that is new and exciting.

add lunch in this below

5. Jet Ski and Parasailing Ticket - Talk about a cool experience to do parasailing in the greenery above Montego Bay,

6. Private Tours For Highlights in Jamaica - This is for the person who wants the day to be condensed so that they can follow a guide the entire day!!

if you want to just do a Rum Tour that's an option too

7. Nocturnal Tour of Luminous Lagoon - This luminous Lagoon actually glows when you go in and it is a huge tourist attraction for families and couples in the area.

8. Horseback Riding on The Ocean- We have 4 different links for these because there are bundles for all of these! There is one where there is just horseback riding in the water, one with ziplining and ATV fun, and then one with a private tour and with a River rafting event. Have fun at your own discretion!!

ATV/Horses/Ocean Ziplining

Ricks Cafe/Horses/Private Tour


River Tubing/River Rafting/Horseback Riding/Waterfalls

9. Glass Bottom Boat Sight Seeing Tour- this is a very popular option to go and see and it is limited quantity to guests,

10. River Bamboo Float - This is by far the most romantic of all of the options we have seen on here. Talk about a romantic experience floating on a bamboo raft with your honey!

11. River Rapids Experience - Do you want to wrestle with the river? You can do this by yourself or with a group in Jamaica however this does sell out since there aren't a lot of options to do this so make sure you order this well in advance.

12. Tour at Rick's Cafe and Margaritaville with transfer- I'm sure by the time you see this one on the list you have already figured out that Rick's Cafe is a hot spot to visit for the tourists. Be sure to check out the gorgeous sunset at the end of the day - this place gets busy fast.

13. The Haunted Rose Hall Great House - a lot of travelers hear rumors of this place being haunted and it as actually open for tours for a day trip. Enjoy history while you have a fun experience. Also how creepy is it that it ended up on a 13 lol

14. Bob Marley Tours- This is a one of a kind tour that you will only find in Jamaica exclusively. These can get pretty pricey but they are an experience worth remembering so make sure if you love music you end up going to this!

Before you Pack

I know, I know you are so excited to pack now! Keep in mind a few things - all of these excursions have lots of varieties. We try to give you the best ones with the best rates! Remember to tip your guides and to have an excellent time!



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