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Setting the Table

Oh what a joy it is for everyone to get together and enjoy the Christmas experience while everyone is in town. Sometimes I feel like I am the one who is "too sentimental" or "soft" but I love creating experiences with people that are memorable and full of love. So here I go with my camera getting the full sign, and taking a ton of photos that later my sister will yell at me for not getting a good angle for.

On another fun note, I think that creating a design that sets the ambiance for your event can be special as well as thrilling. It can feel quite remarkable to look back at something and feel a sense of pride.

So here are a few tips that we have about setting the table and making sure that you have a special time with you and your guests.

This picture was found in a design template and it does not belong to us, however how could we not want to show it off for our guests to see where everything should go!

  1. So the first tip is to count how many settings you will need in total- this is going to help you decide how many tables you will need. We recommend about 3 inches for each side for long term seated meals for average builds. However it is important to recognize that if you have people who tend to have a bigger set of shoulders then they may need 4-5 inches between each setting to give them space. For clarification setting inches would be after a standard setting of fork, spoon, and knives around the plate. So if you have the exact setting above I would say that only needs 2/3 inches for each separated plate.

  2. Another Tip that comes in handy with planning your plates is making sure that you have the right glassware and silverware for the right event! We think it is imperative to consider that you are going to be getting the right tools for the right meals! So please keep that into consideration when you are planning your meals. Every utensil needs to be properly planned for the event.

  3. Wine and liquor consideration for the event should be also taken into consideration. If you have a drink that you feel needs to be showcased then it may not be a bad idea decorating the event in that way to make sure that you have the right glasses for the drink so it looks proper for your guests as well as your social media.

  4. Having an appetizer plate is also something that we HIGHLY RECOMMEND, some of you may think this is absurd to have to mention this, however sometimes when people are trying to cut costs for the event it helps to put things into perspective.

  5. Hiring a dishwasher is also a GREAT tip in case you don't have someone assisting with your setup or tear down. Keep in mind that events are supposed to be fun, not a day of work for your loved ones so you need to plan properly to either have the dishes cleaned or have a plan before they have to go back to the vendors you rented from

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