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Santorini Greece Honeymoon Excursions

  1. 6 Hour Santorini Touring - with a badge of excellence - checkout all of the hot spots for Greece and enjoy your trip with a connecting tour and a hassle free experience.

Tour of Santorini with a private driver

2. Sailboat Tour with Open Bar + meal - enjoy the beaches of Santorini on a sailboat with a local cuisine included in your trip.

Luxury Cruise + Meal option 2

Sunset Luxury Cruise with BBQ & Drinks

Private Sailing Experience with meal and drinks

3. Horseback Riding on the beach -Experience a luxurious moment in the sun colliding with sand and water from the Sea as you explore the beaches of Santorini horseback.

4. Food & Meal Tasting Tour- Taste the experiences of Greece as you are tasting the food and touring simultaneously.

5. Santorini Cooking Lesson on the Beach- a full culinary experience to enjoy Santorini with everything it has to offer. Enjoy the cuisine and the experience at the same time.

6. Sunset Sea Kayak with dinner - This is a perfect find for the more active couple that wants to adventure the waters and get a meal at the end. This is a fast paced fun adventure for two to share.

Feel free to ask us about places to enjoy for your Greek Vacation! We book rooms and do destinations for honeymoons, weddings, and group travel.



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