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Questions Everyone Should Ask Their Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Especially when multiple people want to be making the decisions - because culturally and demographically speaking - weddings are different!

Sometimes people have expectations of things that "should" be happening that aren't necessarily the vision of what the person planning it had (which is normally the bride)

  • Do you offer a coordinating package or just a planning package? Believe it or not there are planners who do not offer coordinating the day of. Depending of the size of your wedding you may need to have someone who manages the day of the wedding if you don't have someone to already do it for you.


  • Do you have a negotiation practice that you do with vendors? Most people who are wedding planners have LOTS of connections and if those connections like working with those planners because they like the organization then you will get vendors who would normally cost more for much less.


  • Do you have your timeline worked out with the photographer for lighting purposes? Depending on the part of the world you live on - those lighting moments with the golden hour is hard to get, you may only have one hour to get those photos and make sure that the photographer gets them at the right moment so the lighting is shown in the picture. Most photographers don't offer coordinating as well because they are too busy capturing the moment- so keep this in mind.


  • Do they work with every budget? This is something to ask yourself because a wedding planner typically spends about 60-120 hours planning a wedding (which is why the cost is what it is) so think about that while you are hiring someone. Will they offer a smaller package that I can afford for the type of wedding I have


  • Do they have experience working with multiple cultures? This is essential for someone who may have certain requirements for their wedding whether it be within their religious views or perspective. It may be worth working with a higher ticket vendor if you need someone with a specialty.

At the end of the day - the result is the same: the bride and groom live "happily ever after" however it may be good to put these things into consideration before planning a wedding on your own.

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