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Popular Christmas or Winter Wedding Party Drinks - (gluten free)

Everyone loves a holiday drink! Parties are just more fun with fun holiday cocktails! These can be made WITH or WITHOUT alcohol 🍷

(By the way) because I have a severe gluten allergy I am making all of these gluten friendly

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*please keep in mind these are our favorite cocktails we have found and made our own and you are totally open to re-creating your own version


The Christmas Margarita- lime juice, maple syrup, 100% cranberry juice Cointreau, and tequila of course 😘 sugar/salt, cranberries and lime for garnish

This gives you a holiday taste as well as a COLORFUL and festive holiday drink



SPIKED EGGNOG- black spiced rum, eggnog, cinnamon sticks, and ground nutmeg

This gives you that eggnog drink that everyone is expecting at your holiday party with a special KICK in ingredients



Santa Cocktail- Vodka, cranberry juice, grenadine, light corn syrup, and of course sprite! Sugar for rim, cranberries for garnish

This gives you something to serve with the popular cranberry flavor but also not quite tequila if you have guests that don't want to go down the tequila road.



Spiked Hot Chocolate- Cocoa powder, 2% milk, Sugar, Vanilla extract,Cinnamon, Semi sweet or dark chocolate chips, baileys (make sure you double check in your part of the world that it is gluten free) - marshmallows/whip cream

You will definitely have a lot of people excited to have something other than eggnog but warm to the fingertips on this holiday season. Don't forget to froth your drink!!


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