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Planning your Setup and Teardown for your Event

Did you know that the average decor time takes about 4 hours for an event?

Sometimes clients have an idea of looking a certain way, visiting with their friends for dinner, focusing on the photography shoot for the event, focusing on a timeline, wearing a certain outfit, getting hair and makeup done.

It's kind of hard to do all of that when you have your hands with all your decor in your hands.

If there is one piece of advice that I can give any bride is this - pay for the experience not the decor.

If you are limited to a budget put the money towards setup and tear down, coordinating the event, and experiencing the day of.

Some of the people that you are going to see on these big days you will only see them once or twice a year maybe it's several years!

The last thing that you want to be worried about is where all of your stuff is going, how the day is ran, or running around trying to find the right decorative piece that is heavy enough not to fall down when placed outside from weather.

A good coordinator or setup teardown team can make all the difference for experiencing the day of.
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