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Planning a Trip in Tokyo For your Honey Moon

  1. Arrive in Japan - use this day for rest since airfare is long so 4 nights is great

Check into the Hilton Hotel Tokyo 4 Night Cost is around $1500 - This is a hotel Transfer - $52.52

  1. Go to a restaurant nearby your hotel

  2. - Spend time on the Boat visiting Mt. Fuji and head back after a long day to Tokyo $297.04

  3. - Check Out the Bus Tour which will give you all of the sight seeing needed for Tokyo $279.78 (sells out quickly varies by date)

  4. Head to the Hotels by the Ocean - Kerema Island Check into Hilton Hotel Naha $500 $83.36

  5. Beach Day and Check out Islands

  6. Kayaking at the Kerema Islands

  1. Tour Monkey Island or look at the waters $130.34

  2. Beach Day - you can either drive to Tokyo this day after the beach and do one night extra at the hilton up in Tokyo or stay at the same hotel and drive the next morning.

  3. Head back to Airport for Tokyo - you will need a driver so I would suggest referring to the person who drove you from the airport originally.

Remember this can vary by time of year and is priced at January

Flights - $2600 avg

Excursions- $956.70

Hotel Rooms based on the Hilton (Highly Recommend for English Speaking Travel) - (roughly based on rooms) $2000

Trip Total Average before extras $5556.70

Be Sure to Feel free to ask us about booking this trip for you and your honey!

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