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Nash Bash Trip Plans

As a Nashville TN resident I've been living within Nashville or right outside of it for about 7 years on and off. There are a few things that may help you with your wedding, bachelorette trip, or your family trip before you get to booking!

Lyft and Uber are expensive!!!

  • Do you yourself a huge favor and if you are planning on staying around the airport or the downtown area- figure out your driving plans prior to the event. I personally spend $75 on an Uber that was going 5 miles down the road on a Thursday after going to a comedy club to go home! It is not affordable to do Lyft or Uber in Nashville compared to most cities. If you are coming in on a Thursday- Sunday do yourself a favor and avoid this expense if you can.

Hop On and Off Tour

  • The Hop on and Off Tour is a fun one for getting to see everything in the Nashville area without having to worry about parking! If you have a lot that you want to see In Nashville I would highly recommend this option mainly because you are able to do a lot more in the Trolley than you can in your own vehicle for times sake.

Night Time

Full Day

Nashville is known for it s live music and hot chicken - BUT don't forget to try Kentucky Styled bourbon from our close to home neighbor, the barbecue, and the beer of course!

Helicopter over the sky line

  • There are only a few places that you can truly see the Nashville Sky Line from an easy view. One is from a neighborhoods in the Capital area which isn't exactly a traveling destination and then of course the highway going towards the Opry. Both are beautiful but not exactly travel friendly - if you want to see the gorgeous skyline I would 100% suggest taking a helicopter ride and overseeing the city.

Nashville Party Bus

  • If you are reading this you probably already know that Nashville is home to the Bachelorette Trips where you will probably see at least 5 on your night out. Getting a party bus can take MONTHS to book out especially in the summer since wedding season in the South is August - November but this trip gives you the option to be a passenger on the party bus instead of having to rent the entire bus which may be better if you don't have 14 people coming with you!

The Murals

  • in Nashville tourists are kind of hilarious we have local painters who paint along the sides of buildings and make a great Nashville scene. Originally they were done because the rougher parts of towns really needed new paint and it was part of the gentrification projects. Now they are hotspots for locals to come and take pictures in front of! The once dangerous parts of Nashville are now flocked with tourists to take photos next to walls with shops that are high end and tourist. Friendly. This option gives you a walk through tours with all the murals.

Madam Tussauds

  • this is a famous wax museum with tons of history around several artists that have been here with replicas of all the things that are around Nashville!

Party Bus Rental

Museum Hopper

  • I picked this one because if I had never seen Nashville I would probably want to look at all of the things that this tour does for you. It makes it simple for someone to take care of everything for you for the day!

Southern Plantation Tours

  • Although it isn't necessarily a great part of history it is still history! I went on a tour several weeks ago with my boyfriend and mom and found out that the difference from a plantation and a farm is this - a farm is something with multiple types of crops and livestock while a plantation focuses on one type of crop like tobacco or corn. There is a lot of history surrounding the slaves and the south loosing the civil war. These plantation tours are like walking through the past and seeing life from the 19th century.

Grand Ole Opry

  • This is one of the biggest reasons that people come to Nashville, to see the grand ole opry is a very cool experience. It's a place where famous artists dream of playing and people flock to see all of the performances to weekly.

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