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Let’s talk Wedding Planning

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

People ask us all the time, what the first thing to start with in the wedding planning process is. This may suprise you because it's not the dress, the location, the food, the photographer, or the budget. It's how many people you plan on inviting.


So many people ask... WHY?!?!

The reason is because of this. Although you may have a $40,000 budget for your wedding for 300 people that means that you are realistically only able to spend $133.00 per person. Let's say you spend $4200 on your dress and $2000 on all the men's attire. $700 on your hair and makeup, and then around $4000 on the photographer. The cost per guest drops down to 97 per guest.

Now that may sound perfectly fine to some people but you have to ask yourself what caliber of a wedding you plan on having.

Because if you have a $40,000 budget for 300 people that is not very much. But $40,000 can go a LONG way with only 20 people.

I think when we take time to break down the budget and ask ourselves - if someone was going out to eat and they only had $97 to spend where would they eat. That will give you the right frame of mind on
  • What the cuisine is

  • How much to spend on the venue

  • How much to spend on decor

  • How much to spend on your wait staff and coordinator

  • How many if any party favors will be given out

Also another thing to consider is this. Without knowing how many people your wedding will have you can't plan these things.

  • location and capacity limits

  • Bartending (they have to know how many cups)

  • Catering (they have to make a wait staff)

  • Coordinating (they won't agree to setup and tear down until they know everyone is on the same page with a timeline)

  • Photographer (won't know if they need multiple shooters on site to get larger framed angles)

  • DJ won't know how many speakers are needed for the event.

So relax and enjoy your weekend one of these days and get with your honey and decide on how many people you want to have - THEN everything else comes together.

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