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How to Make a Timeline for your Wedding

By: Victoria Wilegus

Events Made Simple

June 16, 2023

How to Make a Timeline for your Wedding


This is one of the most stressful parts for brides - first off I want to let you know you are NOT alone! Your coordinator will make this for you if you hire a month of coordinator and makes it a lot easier but if you are in a situation where the cost of everything else ended up being over budget and a coordinator isn't in the budget then this will help you significantly.

So first off - I want you to think about the time of year that you will be tying the knot. Are you in Texas and getting married in July? If so Do a LATE Timeline - not anything too crazy like 9:00 but honestly I would highly consider as late at 8:00 for South Texas.

If you don't like the idea of having that late of a wedding I would say make sure that you have your ceremony in a place that is centralized with a medium temp for about an hour. You don't want to be the wedding that everyone remembers sweating their a** off at your wedding. I remember wondering if my makeup was still on my face at a girl's wedding because I was sweating so badly (mind you this was long before I had been a professional wedding coordinator - otherwise I would have heavily said no against it)

You are going to want to work around these two vendors for your whole wedding

  1. Photographer

  2. DJ

These two are based on your hourly package. So you will want to make sure ALL of the photos are within those times for all of these main highlights below

  1. Going down the aisle

  2. Wedding party photos

  3. Wedding family photos

  4. Portrait photos

  5. Cake Cutting

  6. Speeches

  7. Serving dinner

  8. Get ready photos

  9. Detailed shots

  10. First Dances

  11. Floral shots if you have them

  12. A few Party Shots with you, your friends, and groups

  13. Exit detail photos

  14. Getaway Car or Horse if you have one

So if you only have a 5 hour package with the photographer - and an 8 hour package with the DJ you will need to rush the timeline so they get all the photos for your event! Keep in mind that you will need to make sure that you have someone telling the DJ what is coming next so that things run smoothly.

Things you will need to have someone communicate

  1. Dinner and Bar Setup - what goes where

  2. Floral Setup and Design - If your rental doesn't allow for a large setup I would make sure that you have someone over this or pay someone to just come and decorate for a while

  3. Polaroid Photos and taking decor

  4. Keepsakes and Gifts that go home in your go home bag

  5. Bartender start and stop time

  6. DJ playlist and when to start what

  7. A Signaler for each person coming down the aisle

  8. A communicator to each person in the family to make sure that people are grabbed for the speeches and dances - that way there isn't an awkward silence.

  9. Someone to make sure all of the vendors setup in the right area

  10. Clear weather plan

As silly as it sounds to have all of these things checked on - you need someone who is able to handle this for you - and that's why I always say it's better to make a coordinator in the budget - but if it's not in the budget it's not in the budget.


If you are overwhelmed and have no idea where to start but can't afford someone full time first off - reach out to us. We may be able to find someone to outsource in your area as your planner for the day. They may be limited on experience but it's better than not having anyone.

Also in addition to that we have an option to customize a detailed itinerary for you as well as a timeline that works for your location as well as your spot!

If you are in need of a timeline for your area and your vendors then click below so we can give you a super special deal - all your timeline for the day, and who needs to call all for $55. This would normally be a $230 package for someone to do this - but we have experience and want to help every bride to give them a great experience.

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