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How to Make a Registry for your Wedding

By: Victoria Wilegus

Events Made Simple

How to Make a Registry

- Contains Amazon Links-


Gosh all the details of planning a wedding can be super stressful! It's so easy to forget to do the little things for your wedding and I am here to remind you to make your REGISTRY for your wedding!!

The great part about the registry is that it doesn't take that long to do it - you just click on amazon and make sure that you put everything into that works for you and your love.

Do yourself a favor and put things into the registry that MAKE SENSE

I always recommend to have things that are nice to have but you wouldn't necessarily buy yourself. For me I am HUGE on organizing the food and fridge, I would totally ask for fridge organizer or maybe the note taking pen that changes it into a virtual note or even help with a down payment of a home! These could be things that you may really enjoy having but aren't really a thousand percent sure on.

This link below allows for you to plan that all in one place and make it easy for you to do everything you need to.

Amazon Affiliate Link Is Below - Click on Picture to start creating your Registry Today

Start Making your wedding easier today.

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