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Wedding Vendors and What they do

This is one of the hardest parts for brides when it comes to creating a client experience. Most vendors want to give you a price right off the bat but it is difficult without a consultation with certain conversation pieces.

So let me help you along the way so it can be easier to ask during the process.


  1. Hiring a Caterer- Please keep in mind when you are hiring a caterer your budget needs to be per head. So you can tell the vendor what kind of meal I expect with a $45 per head budget and they will list the foods that will align with that package for you. This will help you establish what it is and isn't in your budget for your cuisine.

  2. Hiring a Photographer - This is essential for capturing the day so be sure that you take that into consideration for your budget. We always recommend doing an all day package for your event and the reason why is because it gives you excitement for the day of and you don't need to rush through the experience of your big day.

  3. Hiring a Videographer - I always suggest that you should get enough hours for your video to capture the ceremony minimum. Those dreamy hours of capturing the getaway video is always super sweet but you can cut the cost of the video significantly this way.

  4. Setup and Tear Down- Please please please hire someone to do your setup and tear down. There are brides that volunteer their family and friends to help setup and clean up. Please keep in mind that although your guests are probably going to say yes that this takes away from the experience of your family and friends. Especially when they have bought a nice outfit to look nice for your wedding. Depending on what all you order for your event keep in mind that you will need these things for your setup: Someone to work with your florist, Someone to make sure that all of your table cloths are ironed, someone to make sure that all of your decor is in the proper location if your coordinator has not already told you a place to keep it. For example your bouquets or your ring box. Tear Down: Someone to clean the dishes, someone to pack your dishes, someone to pack the car for the decor, someone to take out the garbage, and don't forget someone to remind you to take home your alcohol. - A setup and tear down crew can be ordered with any wedding planner or coordinator at any time but keep in mind that it is going to cost more than the standard rate of a day of coordinator.

  5. Hiring a florist- keep in mind that you are going to need to have a florist come and inspect your venue location so they can give you an estimate based off of a square foot instead of just guessing before they get the chance to see the venue. A florist can look around a venue and tell you what they would suggest that they need to have to make your wedding venue starting to look great.

  6. Hiring an Officiant- Make sure that you find someone who is able to do the type of ceremony that you feel aligns with your vision and your religious beliefs if any. This is ideal because you want to make sure that your wedding is full of lots of heart warming moments.

  7. Hiring a DJ - Make sure when hiring a DJ you consider a few things. The first thing to consider if you don't have a planner to scope this out for you is this - do they have the equipment to make sure that everything sounds up to speed and can create a full vibe for your wedding day. Make sure that they have enough mics for your ambiance. You need mics for the officiant to speak to ESPECIALLY if it is outside. If you want color or lighting for the dance flood the DJ is also involved in making that happen. Make sure that you take all of this into consideration when you are hiring your vendors.

  8. Hiring a Bartender- Make sure that your bartender offers a package that you are expecting. This industry is important to have someone with insurance as well as licensing. Keep this in mind when you are working with clients. Another thing to keep in consideration is if the bartender is going to provide the actual bar or if your venue does that, if they provide the cups for your event or if your caterer does, or if they provide.

  9. Hiring a Baker- Make sure that you talk to your baker about the time that the cake is dropped off so that (depending on the time of year) there is no damage of the cake before it is cut in the evening.

  10. Hiring a Cake Cutter- Keep in mind that you and your future spouse will be doing the first cut. With that being said, unless the baker is someone who is going to be there all day, but keep in mind that you will need someone to hire that can cut the cake. The best person to ask someone about this is your coordinator OR your catering.

  11. Hiring Security - We always suggest that the security should be hired for these reasons: if you have someone that is going to drink so much and possibly get violent, if you have someone that may show up for the wedding and have no reason to be there, if you have a headcount over 250 people in general.

  12. Hiring your Coordinator- Please keep in mind that this is the most undervalued person when hiring someone the day of the wedding, and it should be the first person you hire AFTER the wedding planner. This person creates your timeline before the entire wedding, does a walk thru the day of the wedding so your guests aren't totally confused who is going to walk down the aisle. This is the person who is going to be handling all of the conversations with your vendors when things go wrong and the photographer is taking your portraits, this is the person who is going to keep your day as organized as possible for the day of even if things go wrong around the wedding.


At the end of the day, keep in mind that your wedding day is one day that should be enjoyed as well as fun. Do things that make a difference for all of your guests getting together.



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