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Getting a Quote for Floral Arrangements

Ah yes! The stuff that makes a wedding a wedding, and absolutely breathtaking. How could we forget these?? Floral Arrangements make a wedding so classy, vibrant, and gorgeous. We can appreciate so many of the things that a floral arrangement can create a vibe. However how do you even know how much something is without looking at packaging and clients? This blog today is here to help you focus on the things to know before you pick a style to go with.

  1. Find out how many tables you are going to be using- a lot of this has to deal with how many floral arrangements will need to be made, and how many pieces can be done in a full package. Really in order for a florist to properly quote you they need to know how many people, as well as the size of the tables, the size of the building ceilings, and the arch that you may want decorated so they can price their equipment that they need to price.

  2. You need to know what time of the year you are having your wedding- believe it or not this has A LOT to do with purchasing floral pieces for venues because flowers that are in season are more affordable than those that are not. So please keep that in mind while decorating if you are trying to stay in a budget.

  3. Pick multiple styles before meeting with a florist- we as florists are guaranteed to scare you a little bit with the cost of floral arrangements. There is a lot that goes into caring for flowers before the day of and it is important to keep that in mind.

  4. Find out if your Coordinator or Florist offers multiple services- Sometimes it is much better and more affordable to find someone who offers lots of services instead of one because they can handle multiple projects for you the day of and ultimately will end up saving quite a bit of money.

  5. Give your Florist a floor plan- this will ultimately help your florist figure out exactly what it is that they need to be prepared for the day of as well as how big to quote you on the arrangements in the area.

Hopefully this blog helps you create the wedding of your dreams, and can help you create a budget that works for your floral needs. The average florist minimum is $1500 to prepare for the day of however some florists will do some for more or less.



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