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Get this Look “Vintage Wedding” Edition

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

This post contains Amazon affiliate links to purchase items for your wedding or event.

Ah, the refreshing floral colors that bring us back to the past with some excitement!

I've dreamed of doing a super lavish Irish wedding like this myself and I have taken quite a bit of time looking through everything just to create this look.

Below I will have an outline for 100 guests and what you need to

  1. Purchase

  2. Grow as a florist

  3. What your cost would be going through us!

All links will be on the photos


To create this look for 100 guests

We are going to start with the base of the table with the table cloths - this might be a little impossible to 100% replicate that same Irish styled cloth but we are going to do something very similar.


If you like the runners also- these are a good swap out for the other decorative tables

I would recommend these if you have larger circular tables for 100 guests you will need

10-12 table cloths instead of what you ordered

If you did these I would recommend these for smaller tables maybe a sweetheart or do a shell overlapping

The Napkins on the plates make all the difference!!!!

These are the Glass candlestick holders that you would need for the table - I would recommend buying 60 total

For the golden goblets below I would recommend buying 14 if you want to have enough for the guest tables as well as the sweetheart table

I would recommend buying about 100 in case you have a few burn out or break the day of




Eucalyptus-4 stems per table setting

Peach roses- that tints of beige

Olive stems or daisy stems for the lighter yellow colors

Light purple fully exposed roses on water for three days

Beige Hydrengeas watered for 2 days min

Light pink peonies for the lightness

Light pink roses

Yellow light daphodills

I would heavily recommend making sure you have someone do these for you since they are fully exposed - so to get this look you will need a pro to create this for you

I would say for

1 groom pocket square or Boutineer$45

2 groomsmen pocket squares or boutineer$80

1 arch piece $700

1 bridal bouquet$500

15centerpueces for the long tables / if you have circular you will need to only 10 for 10 seating per table $300 per

$4830 total for just florals

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