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Get This Look "Vintage Summer" Pricing Links and Guide

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

I'm so excited for all of these spring Weddings and looks - I think a lot of clients can gain love and appreciation for weddings as well as events by being inspired by other's work.

Below this is a blog post to help brides "get this look" as it is really popular and I have had several brides interested in these colors, please keep in mind these photos are NOT my work or my employees work - this blog post is just to help brides get the idea from a stylist perspective to design their weddings the way that they want to. I will have the links below for clients to get an idea - as well as what we would charge to do design work for florals like this with our company.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links to purchase items for your wedding or event.

As far as the bouquet goes in the first photo this photo is combination of coral peonies, baby's breath, peach flowers, eucalyptus, and blue delphiniums all that can be grown in the TN area and used for weddings and prepped yourself.

This process would be watering, pruning, and cleaning. I would plan on spending about an hour for the picking, 2 hours for pruning and you would need to make sure that you use the flowers within one - two days if you are DIYing for freshness.


Get this LOOK

Bellow this photo are 3 options

  1. Links for you to Have your own Flowers Growing in your yard for your big day

  2. Links to have your own SILK Floral Decor to Create this look, whatever it is that you want that's okay we will make it for you!

  3. Florist Round about Quotes to have someone put this look together for YOU for 100 people - based on our company pricing

Links for Bouquet Flowers to Plant

Blue Delphiums - Real Flowers - Seeds to grow - around $8.00 to grow and then you would need about 100 days minimum to see any type of growth

Peony Roots to Grow $100 for 3 roots

Daisy's for growing

Eucalyptus Plants

Cost would be for the whole wedding of 100 people - less than $400 for dirt, water, and flowers but you will be spending a lot of TIME on gardening and you will have to hire people for prepping the week of.

Peach Roses that are THICK - to get this look you must use a supplier that has a multiple layered rose head so when you pull it apart it has the inside that has depth and looks gorgeous - be careful with making sure you buy the right one that looks like it is in depth with multiple layers.


You will be growing flowers and enjoying the wedding flowers you had for years to come

You will learn a lot about flowers

It will save you tons and tons of money

You may want to become a florist after this event

pictures will be amazing and your wedding will smell great


You may not want to deal with gardening

You will have to make sure you hire a coordinator with the skills of putting flowers together and keeping them watered

You will want to make sure that you do enough watering to make sure they are at their height the day of


Silk Flowers

Blue Delphiums Silk Flowers - These are about $25 for enough to cover what you would need for this bouquet

Pink Silk Peonies - No Pollen $16 - These are the most similar I have found but they do not have the pollen that is photographed

Silk Daisey's - $22.00

Peach Roses - This variety would be $20 for what you would need for the bouquet

Eucalyptus $16 per set

So if you were interested in doing the silk floral route your entire bouquet would be about $125 total for a silk bouquet, please keep in mind they won't look the same with the pollen for close up photos BUT they do give you the opportunity to have the right floral arrangements to mix up!

If you were trying to do flowers for the entire wedding this way I would budget about $150 per table if you wanted to have a bouquet the size of the bridal one for each of the tables, which is highly recommended since you will have tables for each of the 10 people you have if you have circular tables. If you have rectangular tables it is doable to do the long floral look along with the vases, I would reccomend spending about the same per table while getting 6=10 single stem vases per table.

So for a 100 person wedding the price for the flowers would be about

$1150 for the tables for the guests for the vases and flowers,

$600 for the ceremony pieces for the backdrop

$125 for the bridal bouquet

$50 each for bridesmaids

$15 per corsage or boutonniere

Putting you at a total of $2020 if you had two bridesmaids and two groomsmen


You get to resell for about 1/2 of what you spent

You don't have to worry about watering or hiring a florist = you could just hire a coordinator that knows how to work with decor

The bouquets could be made prior so you aren't worrying about someone dropping them off or anything like that


Pictures will definitely look different than the one you have it will look beautiful but less luxury

Your tables won't have that great smell in the room depending on your location that may make all the difference


Events Made Simple Pricing for Florist Decor

As far as OUR pricing goes for a bouquet like the one we have been featuring. We would do all of these things if someone wanted to hire us.

  1. Have All Vases included in Pricing

  2. Have All Bouquets Delivered IN PERSON to the bride and the bridesmaids while they are getting ready, and have the rest of the floral decor done prior to the wedding

  3. Make sure the coordinator can handle any of the decor while doing a drop off

  4. Make sure that the pieces for the arch are assembled as well as decorated properly

  5. Make sure that all of our colors match your "look" for last minute updates or changes prior to the wedding

  6. Make sure full communication of the wedding is done

  7. Make sure the floral decor for not only the reception is done, but also the ceremony prior to the event

Package 1 Bouquets and Floral Pockets for The Bridal Party 6 total

Bride + 2 Bridesmaids

3 Floral Pockets for groom and groomsmen

$1200 for these colors as well as the clients

Package 2 Sweetheart Table + 2 Arch Pieces + Bridal Party 6 total


Package 3 All Tables medium bouquets based on 10 and sweetheart + 2 arch pieces + Bridal Party 6 total


Package 4 All Tables Single Stems down the Rectangular table based on 100 guests + sweetheart + 2 arch pieces + bridal party of 6 total


Package 4 All Tables with TALL Bouquets based on 10 and sweetheart + 2 arch pieces + Bridal Party 6 total + 1 full backdrop for photos


Package 5 All tables with a mix of tall and single stem vases and a small sweetheart setup + 2 arch pieces + single roses scattered down the aisle for a full look (1000 roses total with foam filler)


Adding a guest table - $100 for 2 arrangements

Adding a Tall Hanging bouquet that is 10 feet long $2500

Adding Luxury Furniture for your setup is Free for any service over $5000

Every Table that seats 8-10 needing an arrangement for this setup would be

$55 for a small arrangement $85 for a medium and $150 for hanging

all day Coordinating Add ons = are available upon communication

all orders with at least a $7000 floral package will get a free coordinator for the full day.

Hopefully this answers your questions and if you can't find your customized order that you like for this look I am happy to suggest other looks that may suit your style!

xoxo Victoria

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Do you know the names of the colors in the first picture?

Replying to

What exactly are you trying to color match?

The floral would be hard to do an exact match without going to a floral shop but if you are doing something similar the colors on the color palette

Darker baby blue

Olive green


Deep rose

Light rose

Navy blue

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