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Get This Look "Summer Eucalyptus Edition"

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

June 3, 2023

by Victoria Wilegus

Events Made Simple


This post contains Amazon affiliate links to purchase items for your wedding or event.

Just look at how gorgeous some of these inspiration pictures are! Tons of greenery and very simple - I think that this type of wedding can really be a gorgeous way to celebrate your wedding!

In this blog we will be featuring a 100 person wedding with 5 long rectangular tables that seat 20 people each. You can use this suggestive manual for whatever you choose to

create your wedding also.

For DIY Projects the fake greenery and flowers would be here for your options - I would suggest to make sure that you buy a lot more of this to create a big and fluffy look - with fake flowers there is often an issue with the fake plastic showing so if you wanted it to look close to the photo you would probably need to buy double of what you think you need to by

If you Click on the Picture it will bring you to the site

You will need about 100 of these to create the same look here to cover all of the eucalyptus in a 100 person wedding.

Click on the pic! $16 each so $48 total

I would recommend about 3 sets of these if you feel that you need to have about 2 bridesmaids and your groomsmen to DIY

Click on this Pic $15 per set so $45 total

I would recommend getting about 60 of these to set candles on for the long rectangular tables and only 20 if you plan on having circular tables.

Click this pic

Although these are a little pricey - I would recommend one sett of these since it will cover everything you will need for the tables plus more and you can always resell them as people will use them again. $450

Click the Pic

This is the easel that most people use for heavy signs or mirrors that they want customized for their events. $50

Click on Pic

In the photo those were custom numbers but these are beautiful as well as similar to the not so noticeable table numbers. $20 total

The total that you should expect to spend on all of this is $2413


Want to Skip the DIY and Hire a florist?

Events Made Simple Pricing Breakdown for this type of setup based on 2023 year pricing

5 Long FULL Eucalyptus Runners that seat 20 people $350 per = $1750 total

***If you wanted to swap out for circular centerpieces for 10 tables that sat 10 it would be $1275 for the tables instead of the $1750 total

1 Wedding Arch with white roses as well as Eucalyptus $750

1 Bouquet with White and Tan Roses $250

2 Bridesmaids Bouquets $100

3 Pocket Squares $125

1 Bar hanging garland - $400

Guest Table Add ins - Free

Entryway sign - Free

Putting this entire look for the long table runners at $3375 total for the long tables

The circular tables would be $2875

If you wanted to swap out for circular centerpieces for 10 tables that sat 10 it would be $1275 for the tables instead of the $1750 total

This price will not include anything except the flowers

If you are not in Tennessee you can message us about what it would cost to bring us to style your wedding anywhere!


Interested in Growing these plants yourself to keep your wedding plants for years to come together?

Growing a Eucalyptus - Click on This Pic Below

Growing Rose Bushes on your own Click the Pic Below

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