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Events Made Simple: Wedding Planning School Prologue

June 3, 2023

By: Victoria Wilegus

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to look at our page as well as our blog. We have had an amazing support system from the beginning and I am so grateful to have all of you in this company's corner. There is no way that I could have gotten to this point without the support of family, friends, vendors who have referred us, the clients, and of course my beloved team members to this company - So please take a moment to really realize that this Wedding Planning School is only coming together because of them.

I'd also like to take some time to recognize that this journey has been a fun and long one - and it was created by passion in creating events to give people the opportunity to really see what they can do through this experience of becoming your own boss, but also creating the life that you dreamed of.

As far as my background goes I started this company in the height of covid while I was running another company. There were a lot of hiccups, a lot of unknowing, and a lot of fear with liabilities. I am so grateful that the clients who had their events and weddings during that crazy time allowed for me to launch my career with them as my guinea pigs. Prior to that I had owned a sales and marketing firm. We specialized with training people how to do cold calling sales for door to door and retail and it really prepared me for the legal as well as the training and communication side my company. So I dealt with organization at a pretty large level when it came to managing teams as well as making sure our sales funnel was profitable. During that time I planned events within my own company as well as for others - I always dreamed of having my own venue and planning events all over the world independently. It wasn't until the pandemic that I truly believed that anything was possible. I am so so so grateful that I did because although was steadfast with my career I could feel myself pulling away physically, emotionally, and mentally. I started to fall in love, laugh. and make time for the things that I loved and it is just crazy how everything worked itself out and now I get to make weddings come to life for a LIVING. Who would have ever thought that would be possible and have an extreme profitability from it.

As a child I grew up in several different states at a super early age since my dad was in the Navy later to become a computer programmer and a head of amazon. My mom was a stay at home mom until she decided to wait tables and then become a financial advisor when I was in my early high school days. I didn't have the easiest childhood we struggled financially. I wasn't the person with tons of money or the person who went to some fancy college in fact I had to take the ACT 3 times just to make an 18. I tried out for every sports team and didn't make it to go and be made fun of for not being fast enough, fit enough, or whatever they were looking for. I ended up doing color guard in the band as a fill in the first year that I had extreme work ethic with. I was smart enough to be in AP classes but not the best in the class by far and since my test anxiety was so bad there was no proof that I was actually savvy. In fact the ONLY reason I actually got to go to college is because I was a decent singer and got a huge scholarship that covered most of my bills. With that college experience I got to make a lot of great friends, travel, and learn a lot about different cultures.

I'm not telling you all any of this to talk too much about myself. I am telling you all this because I was just an average girl with average grades and I ended up STILL getting to live and love my dreams.

If you are super young and this is your dream - I would tell you to figure out more about yourself before you commit to thousands of dollars to go to college. Although I appreciated college - I can 1000% say that it had NOTHING to do with my success that I have with my wedding planning company. Those skills were things that I researched and learned myself and I would encourage for you to really think about what and who you want to be before you decide to take a guess and a stab to work for someone that is going to pay you to help them with their dreams.

This Wedding Planning Class is for the person who is ready to become a wedding planner, the person who is unsure, the person who is wondering if they can do it, the person who is curious of what wedding planning actually entails, or maybe the bride that wants to try to do things on their own instead of hiring a pro! I have broken down this class to make it easy not only for you to read but also for you to take notes on.

I'm excited for you to start this journey with me to help you start doing the things you love and become the BEST version of you in the process.



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