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Bridesmaids and Groomsmen will love you for

June 16, 2023

By: Victoria Wilegus

Events Made Simple

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Long Cozy Oversized Robes: Yes I know you want to go for the cheapies - but trust me on this nothing is better than a cozy robe and in all reality less is more! You don't have to pack a ton of different things into your girl's bags. You can go simple and make sure that you give them something they will enjoy long term.

Trust me - you will be happy that your guests wear this for more than just 20 min for the champagne toast photos.

Diamond or knock off diamond earrings. I got these for a wedding once and was SO excited - it was something that I really was excited to wear and every time I put them it reminded me of the day that I spent with my friend. Do these because they will get used again - be sure that you do a silver or a gold instead of a nickel something that will break out your party.

I mean c'mon we know that this is going to get used - right?

It's so humorous to me that the older I get the darker I like my wine - Please feel free to look through the online selection and get what you like - also you probably already know but it's all over 21 for this item :)

Everyone uses them and even though it's a joke sometimes that you get socks for Christmas - once you are an adult I feel like all you want is a pair of fuzzy socks.

Slippers = Happiness

For the girl who is planning your wedding parties and all the stuff that you all are doing - just make it easy and give this to your girls. They will thank you!

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