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🖤Bartending in Tennessee - Simple Read 🖤

Let's talk about finding an event bartender!

Some of the questions that bartenders get on a daily basis are these.

  • Do you all provide the liquor?

  • Do you all provide the mixers?

  • Do you all provide cups?

  • Do you all provide the garnishes?

The Answers depending on the company can vary 🤷🏼‍♀️

Some bartenders that have basic insurance and licensing just show up, put out a tip jar, and mix what you buy.

Some bartenders provide mixers and no alcohol and come fully ready and stocked

Some bartenders get ice some do not

Some venue locations have liquor licenses and can sell the alcohol on site.

So here are a few things to consider when hiring your bartending service for your next event.

  1. Can they do mixed drinks? - seems like a silly question to ask, but some bartenders only open bottles and wine and pour it. These bartenders are normally just starting their businesses.

  2. Does your bartender include a cup package?- believe it or not, the bartender serving rate does not always include cups, glasses, garnishes, straws, or napkins.

  3. Does your bartender include a mixer package? - some bartenders will serve what you bring so if all you bring is the alcohol and the ice and your venue doesn't include shots- you will not be having ANY drinks.

  4. Do you have a bar and ice station setup?- this is important to know because if your bartender does not offer this service then you will be serving alcohol out of a bucket and any table that is open. If that is not the desired look you want then you will need to rethink this strategy.

  5. Does your bartender do a cleanup of the bar?- believe it or not THIS is a hard thing to find. Some bartenders will only Clean the bar, others will empty the trash next to the bar.



  1. Depending on your state's laws- YOUR BARTENDER CANNOT SELL ALCOHOL. Now some of you are thinking - well why do I need a bartender? The bartender's job is to SERVE liquor not SELL. So the work around for this is to provide the alcohol for the bartender.

  2. Some bartenders will require security- depending on the size of the party will depend on if they need security for the event. It is not uncommon for guests to get angry at the bartender for cutting people off.

  3. Not all bartenders have insurance!!!! Please keep this in mind when you are using your friend Jenny who works at a bar. Event bartending can get WILD compared to regular restaurant bartending. It's almost comparable to working in a club sometimes.

If you all are ever interested in booking with Events Made Simple - we provide all the garnishes, cups, and up to 6 bartenders as well as security. We are also remodeling a mobile bar for fun party setups! ABC & insured.

Here to Serve,

🖤 Victoria

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