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I've recently had a lot of clients reach out about bar and server services and we are more than happy to offer these services in the Nashville area. Our clients have learned to love having all inclusive options -and although we have had some bumps along the way I'm happy to say that there are some questions that every bartender will ask you before the wedding starts.

As we have expanded there have been a lot of valuable lessons that we have put into our pockets and we plan on asking as time goes on!

First off - one of the things that I've learned as a bar tending service is this - It's important to set a front end expectation that the wedding party may run out of some items quicker than others based on the types of guests that attend the party.

Let me give you an example. We typically serve a lot of really sweet drinks for most large weddings. So across the board we order the same amount of coke, water, tonic, soda water, sprite, and juices if they are requested. However it is hard to plan for what your guests may want exactly so if you have a huge party and most of the guests really want pineapple juice - that is going to go a lot faster than lets say your tonic water. However this past weekend the total opposite happened. Also sometimes certain beers can go a lot quicker than others - this can also happen for wine. So keep in mind that you may want to put a poll out for your guests before you have your bartender provide mixers for the wedding because if they are out of something they may not be able to provide it all night if you have a ton of guests requesting it.

Something else to add is ice- typically most weddings have beer in the fridge served and a different container for ice. If you want your beer on ice at the wedding then it is important to make sure that you specify that because we will need to bring more bins to keep the beer on ice. This can be a great crowd pleaser - however keep in mind most weddings don't provide beer on ice automatically it is an added cost.

Another thing that we have learned in the wedding industry is that some guests will try to drink past last call - so it is important to have someone go and tell the DJ (if your bartender can't) about last call so that they can announce that the bar is about to close. We have had situations where the DJ did not announce it and the bar was closed and it was a maddening scene for some guests.

Please keep in mind that if you also have a favorite drink that you want show cased for the guests that you have the right amount of staff at each bar so that they can make the big day helpful - for example if you have 300 people at a wedding then you will need to make sure that they wedding has 4 bartenders and a runner for ice as well as cups if you have multiple bars.

Another factor the big day is this - make sure you have about 3 cups on average per person so that the big day can go smoothly for the event. Some people won't drink however others will and when you are planning for the event I always say 3 drinks on average per person.

Our favorite thing to do for our guests is to give them an AMAZING experience and the only way for us to do that is to create an opportunity and an environment where we can thrive as well as work together.

Feel free to message us about your event and what you will need for the big day! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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