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5 Reasons to Plan a Destination Wedding

First off I want to say CONGRATULATIONS for your big day, we know that everyone is extremely excited about enjoying their big day and yours should be JUST as important.

In my experience for planning weddings international weddings are actually MORE affordable than in states weddings. Of course you and your guests still have to pay for their travel but it makes a huge difference to have your guests visit a totally different place to go to a destination wedding. (This is for most places)

Let me give you a few examples that make sense

  1. Photography & Videography - most photography packages are around $4000 total for services that's pretty standard where I live for a pro. However just because they are a pro doesn't mean that they have ever done a destination wedding! So often if you are going somewhere that the photographer goes then the wedding will go somewhere with you for a very low rate to have their trip covered.

  2. Decorations - Okay so in town weddings are lavish, extensive, and over the top often especially when you have clients having the floral and decor costing an average of $7000 for a wedding in the states. If you are having your wedding in Mexico or in Aruba, there are TONS of flowers that are there and you can actually have your wedding florist or coordinator do the decor for you - it's an amazing option because the cost of floral decor is dramatically less AND it is just a gorgeous scenery so do yourself a favor and just do it.

  3. Food- The cost of staff in different locations could end up being a lot less, or a lot more depending on the part of the world you go to but this is an excellent option.

  4. Bar and Alcohol- if you are having your wedding at an all inclusive resort you won't have to worry about any of the drinking being an issue since all of your guests will be covered with their packages.

  5. Hiring US for your Travel Planning - This makes A HUGE difference for my clients because I do a small wedding planning fee for their service and then a room and board fee for the wedding. We also design all of the welcome bag items, design the timeline for your wedding week, AND plan all of the excursions and travel for your guests before as well as after the wedding.

Overall your experience is better and the prices are remarkably lower.

Hope this helps you!

xoxo Victoria

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