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All Consultations can be flexible on planning your travel, planning your wedding, and helping your guests.  Let me give some details here - If you want to have a wedding in the Mexico or at a resort  go ahead and click on the "Caribbean resort calls link" and book a free consultation. 

If you are looking for an all inclusive castle or villa stay then go ahead and click Chateau Wedding Planning Call.  Even if you don't know the location right now that is okay I can help you find your perfect location soon! If none of these apply to you go ahead and click the email tab.


My name is Victoria!  Just so you know I will be the one who is chatting with you after you book yours.

Molly Earwood Hicks, - Balloons 

"Loved working with Victoria on the balloon decorations for our Christmas /birthday party ! She was amazing. She is so sweet and hardworking ! I sent her a picture of what i wanted and she created it perfectly. Great price and great service!"

Emma Watkins - Honeymoon Destination Planning

"Victoria was so amazing in helping us book our honeymoon in Vegas! We 100% recommend going through Events Made Simple for you honeymoon planning!"

Rachel, Clarkville TN 

"You guys were like super-heroes on our big day" 

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